SAP AG and
Novell announced on May 15 that they have extended their relationship to offer a new joint support solution for customers who run SAP applications on SUSE Linux Enterprise Server.

These customers now have a single support entry point for the entire software stack — from the operating system through the application — to streamline resolution of support incidents, reduce complexity and lower the total cost of ownership.

خبر جالبی است،

برای ارایه محصولات در یک بستر مشترک. البته بلافاصله بعد
از این تصمیم،
SAP و مایکروسافت هم

تفاهمی برای استفاده بهتر از SQL Server 2005
اعلام کردند.

Q: Does your company
run its core business logic on SAP?

If the answer is yes,
then your company is (check all that apply):
[ ] Stuck in the 90’s
[ ] Wondering why its IT staff is so large
[ ] Circling the drain
[ ] all of the above

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