Traceroute Tools


Itrace is a program that implements traceroute(1) functionality using ICMP echo request packets. Therefore, it looks like you are just pinging your target while you traceroute there. It often helps tracing behind firewalls.

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0trace is a hackish utility to run traceroute within an established TCP connection, thereby bypassing some stateful packet filters.

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Tcptraceroute : A traceroute implementation using TCP packets The problem is that with the widespread use of firewalls on the modern Internet, many of the packets that the conventional traceroute(8) sends out (ICMP echo or UDP) end up being filtered, making it impossible to completely trace the path to the destination. However, in many cases,

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Firewalk : Advanced traceroute Firewalk employs traceroute-like techniques to analyze IP packet responses to determine gateway ACL filters and map networks. This classic tool was rewritten from scratch in October 2002. Note that much or all of this functionality can also be performed by the Hping2 –traceroute option.

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