Vulnerability Scanners


MBSA : Microsoft Baseline Security Analyzer Microsoft Baseline Security Analyzer (MBSA) is an easy-to-use tool designed for the IT professional that helps small and medium-sized businesses determine their security state in accordance with Microsoft security recommendations and offers specific remediation guidance. Built on the Windows Update Agent and Microsoft Update infrastructure, MBSA ensures consistency with […]

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SAINT : Security Administrator’s Integrated Network Tool SAINT is another commercial vulnerability assessment tool (like Nessus, ISS Internet Scanner, or Retina). It runs on UNIX and used to be free and open source, but is now a commercial product.

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Sara : Security Auditor’s Research Assistant SARA is a vulnerability assessment tool that was derived from the infamous SATAN scanner. They try to release updates twice a month and try to leverage other software created by the open source community (such as Nmap and Samba).

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X-scan : A general scanner for scanning network vulnerabilities A multi-threaded, plug-in-supported vulnerability scanner. X-Scan includes many features, including full NASL support, detecting service types, remote OS type/version detection, weak user/password pairs, and more. You may be able to find newer versions available here if you can deal with most of the page being written

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ISS Internet Scanner

ISS Internet Scanner : Application-level vulnerability assessment Internet Scanner started off in ’92 as a tiny open source scanner by Christopher Klaus. Now he has grown ISS into a billion-dollar company with a myriad of security products.

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Retina : Commercial vulnerability assessment scanner by eEye Like Nessus, Retina’s function is to scan all the hosts on a network and report on any vulnerabilities found. It was written by eEye, who are well known for their security research.

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GFI LANguard

GFI LANguard : A commercial network security scanner for Windows GFI LANguard scans IP networks to detect what machines are running. Then it tries to discern the host OS and what applications are running. I also tries to collect Windows machine’s service pack level, missing security patches, wireless access points, USB devices, open shares, open

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