Command Line Bot

What is Command Line Bot?
The Command Line Bot is a tool that enables access to distrbuted UNIX systems and services from a simple messenger. The unified log-in works for UNIX systems and applications running on them that also need authentication; these include databases, storage managers, and other enterprise software. The log-in is done through a simple messenger client (such as IBM Sametime or Yahoo/MSN Messenger.) The ubiquity of the messenger and easy access from wireless devices are added advantages.

این نوشته در دسته‌بندی نشده ارسال و برچسب شده است. افزودن پیوند یکتا به علاقه‌مندی‌ها.

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  1. جلال جان ..
    امیدوارم که سال جدیدی که پیش روی ماست .برات سالی سرشار از موفقیت باشه …
    با بهترین آرزوها …
    دعا فراموش نشه :)

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