VMware 5.0

Review: VMware 5.0

VMware 5.0 mainly introduces collaboration features that make it easier to
share common configurations with co-workers. GNU/Linux support has also been
enhanced, and there is preliminary support for Solaris x86 and more recent
builds of Microsoft Windows "Longhorn" beta.

خوب پشتيباني از
سولاريس قدم بزرگي هست، البته به شرطي كه با سخت افزار ها مشكلي پيدا نكنه. Cloning
هم مي تونه در موقعيت هايي كه امكان استفاده از چندين كامپيوتر رو نداريد تمرين
خوبي براي كلاستر بازي باشه.

VMware Workstation is supposed
to be for software developers and testers and support personnel. It’s also
useful as a tool for system administrators. Instead of having discrete test
servers, you can have an exact copy of your production servers in VMware and
experiment all you want without harming the production environment. If
you’re running Red Hat Enterprise Linux 3 as a file server, you could
install VMware on it, install RHEL 3 as a virtual machine, then go crazy
with experimental changes and see how the virtual test server reacts. If you
create a snapshot of the virtual server as it is in production, you can
"roll back" your changes to the original state — no matter how much damage
they might have done — in a matter of minutes.

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